Mary, Queen of Scots.

I watched the pilot episode of “Reign” a few months ago and with just a few episodes into it, I realized that I was hooked into it.

The series sparkled an interest in me about Mary, Elizabeth and Lady Jane and Catherine De Medici. Believe you me, I spent days watching their documentaries. And when I wasnt watching I was reading articles about them. However, I couldn’t find a proper book that would sum up the intertwined lives of Elizabeth and Mary. Please suggest me a book if you know about it.

While I was at it, I could find myself wondering if the events took place the exact way they were depicted in the show. And if they did, what might the people living in those times have experienced. Did Mary know that people would read about her even after hundreds of years. Did she know that her tragic execution would be engraved in the history.

It has got too heavy. I know!!

So, to lighten up, let’s discuss the three of the most sassiest moments of Mary, Queen of Scots (in Reign. Duh!😝)

1. Lord Liege

Mary decides to take the matter into her own hands to get Scotland out of the secret contract. Did it give everyone the chills when she said “I would defy the devil himself if he tried to buy and sell my country”? And what added more to the scene was the background music when the lord along with his soldiers bows down in front of her. A queen in action. Wasnt she?

2. Return to Homeland

Right when John Knox (along with James by his side, unwillingly of course) is all set to dissolve the monarchy, there enters the queen (after avenging Francis’ death ofcourse…. and that was a different level of sass altogether) and declares, let me quote “I am Mary, queen of Scots, and I have come for my throne”. My oh my… I have never seen someone with so much command in their voice.

3. She slaps Catherine

Ohk… let me admit this first with a heavy heart. I did not like Mary at all in the second season. She could not see anything beyond Condè. It was all about Condè for her. And everything came second to him, including Scotland. But nonetheless, she redeemed herself in the end by proving her loyalty towards Francis. (Now how she did it, how she betrayed Condè, how she stabbed him in the gut and was it ethically right? It is a different question altogether.)

Ohk we have digressed into a different tangent and without further ado, let’s get back to the topic.

She slaps Catherine like the sassy queen that she was. She reminded Catherine of how terrible of a mistake she had made by leading Francis to believe that his son was dead.

So, here we are at the end of the discussion. Tell me what are your thoughts about it in the comment section.

And also guys, what do you think I should be watching next? Tell me in comments. And dont forget to follow and share. Pretty Please.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Till then buh bye… Stay healthy. Stay safe!

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