Mary, Queen of Scots.

I watched the pilot episode of “Reign” a few months ago and with just a few episodes into it, I realized that I was hooked into it. The series sparkled an interest in me about Mary, Elizabeth and Lady Jane and Catherine De Medici. Believe you me, I spent days watching their documentaries. And when… Continue reading Mary, Queen of Scots.

The silent patient

When you hear “A murder mystery”, the first thing that pops into your head is – what happened and who did it?. Right? Wrong! ‘The Silent patient” saves you the time to find out who did it. It’s already there! Alicia Berenson did it. (I love the name by the way) Alicia killed Gabriel, her… Continue reading The silent patient

Devil in the house?

Hey guys… so I am back with another blog. But this time I won’t be talking about any show or movie. Today, I will take the platform and time to talk about a book. My book! Yup. I have just recently published it and am very excited about it. So without further ado and gushing,… Continue reading Devil in the house?

And the thrill is back!!!

Hey guys… it’s been a while that I haven’t posted anything as I didnt find anything post-worthy. But guess what? I, as most of you, recently got the best thing to watch- the teaser of “house of dragons” and I loved it (Give me a shout out if you too loved it). I drifted into… Continue reading And the thrill is back!!!

How I met your mother?

Hola guys!!So, I have recently started watching “how I met your mother?”And I know that I am sixteen years late to the club but it’s never too late right?Actually, I had a hunch that I would never like the show as I was so hungover on F.R.I.E.N.D.S (we’ll talk about that later) and I thought… Continue reading How I met your mother?

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