The silent patient

When you hear “A murder mystery”, the first thing that pops into your head is – what happened and who did it?. Right?


‘The Silent patient” saves you the time to find out who did it. It’s already there! Alicia Berenson did it. (I love the name by the way)

Alicia killed Gabriel, her husband, point blank.

The book takes you on a long ride of twists and turns, emotional turmoil and some revelations every now and then.

Alicia Berenson doesnt speak for six years after she shoots Gabriel. (Interesting. Right?)

Theo Fiber, the psychotherapist is determined to find out what happened. He thinks he is the only one who can make her speak. And it’s not only Alicia’s story, it’s his story too running parallel to her silence. The demons of his past haunt him while he is struggling with his present. It is not difficult to sympathize with him struggling to keep his marriage from falling apart.

Alicia doesn’t speak but we get to sneak a peek into her life through her journal that she started to writing in before unloading those five bullets in her husband’s head. The journal does a fine job of echoing the saying ‘not everything is at it seems.’ And it is through her journal only that we are hit with the revelation that there was a stalker who made her life pretty terrible. Having said that, the author makes a point of keeping you guessing whether the stalker was real or mere a part of her imagination.

The rest of the story revolves around Theo trying to find out what happened to Alicia, and why did she do what she did. The book runs at a great pace. In fact, you dont even get the urge to get to the end. But when you do…… it leaves you numb for a sweet amount of time and might even compel you to re-read the last few pages just to make yourself sure that you actually read what you thought you read!!!!

In concluding, I think this is by far the best debut psychology thriller I have read till now.

Am I exaggerating it? I dont think so!

Read it to believe it. And those who have already read it… tell me in the comments your thoughts. Also dont forget to follow.

P.S. I really loved how the Athenian tragedy was bought into the picture. I would really love to read more about it!!!

That’s it for today. Stay happy. Stay safe!!

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