Devil in the house?

Waiting for your thoughts!!

Hey guys… so I am back with another blog. But this time I won’t be talking about any show or movie. Today, I will take the platform and time to talk about a book. My book! Yup. I have just recently published it and am very excited about it.

So without further ado and gushing, I will get down to giving you a gist of what the book is about.

Here I go…..

Can a tumultuous past, a sour relationship, insecurities lead to something as disastrous as a murder.

Yup. This is what the book “Devil in the house?” is all about. The book revolves around the murder of Sarah who, by the way, no one liked. Not even her own sister. And they had their own reasons for that. Having said that, Sarah also had her reasons behind why she behaved the way she did.

Sarah, Mehak, Avni and Divij met one night to have a get together and also to mend their somewhat estranged relationship/friendship.

But everything goes downhill when Sarah is found dead the next day. What adds more to this trauma is Sarah’s manuscript that she was working on.

Mehak, Sarah’s sister, gets hold of that book and she instantly realizes that the book somewhat reminds her of her haunting past and also starts messing up with her present.

The line between the reality and her illusions soon fades as she unintentionally lands her husband- Divij, in trouble.

The rest of the story revolves around finding out about her past, finding out about the killer.

It also witnesses the book taking a huge toll on the relationships.

So, here I am towards the end of the blog asking you to give the book a try. It is available on amazon, kobo and Kindle. It is available for free on kindle for a limited time, so hurry up. Also, please do not forget to share your views on the book as well as on the post.

Signing out for today! Hastala Vista my babies😀😀

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