And the thrill is back!!!

Hey guys… it’s been a while that I haven’t posted anything as I didnt find anything post-worthy. But guess what? I, as most of you, recently got the best thing to watch- the teaser of “house of dragons” and I loved it (Give me a shout out if you too loved it). I drifted into the reminiscence of the time when I used to set my alarm just to get up 15 mins early before the episode telecasted. Those were the days!!!

The show was crazy popular and for all the right reasons. And one of the most things that I liked about the show was that it had so many characters to root for and every character had its yin and yang. Like, we disliked Jamie Lanister in the start but developed a liking towards him as his character arc grew. And it is just one of so many examples.

My personal favourite character was “Sansa Stark”. Man! Was she a piece of art? But what I hated most was that I think she wasn’t given much credit for her journey, or her struggles.

Agreed that she didnt have any sword fighting skills or dragons but her silence, her strategic mind- they all spoke volumes. Everything that she did, everything that she possessed (including her name) everything resonated with what she was destined to become- a queen.

And her journey wasnt at all a cake walk. With so many monsters hanging around her, she got there all on her own.

And wasn’t she a sassy lady. I think she was.

I am just jotting down a few of my favourite sassiest moments of hers.

1. She tells Joffrey that her brother will give her his head.

I think we all agree here that Joffrey was no less than a combination of a mad king, a cruel king and an irritating king. And yet to stand there surrounded by his loyal or not so loyal nonetheless the guards, and snap at him like the sassy woman that she was. It was bang on.

2. She slaps Robin.

It was a wow moment for me. Really😆. I loved the way the slap came out of nowhere and landed right on his face.

3. She tricks Little finger

It was one of the most manipulative steps. She tricked Littlefinger into believing that she was by his side and fell prey to what he was insinuating about Arya. But boy oh boy. She was two or two hundred steps ahead of him. How she got him and all of us to thinking that she was considering turning against Arya. But instead gave us all a showstopper moment by bringing justice to her father.

So, these were my favourite moments. What were yours. Tell me in the comments. And you can also share with me your favourite characters and the favourite moments. And also please dont forget to like and subscribe. Pretty please😁

Waiting for your thoughts. Till then Peace out✌

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